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About Aqua Dunya

In Dubai Land which is set to become a regional and international tourism hub as well as a unique multi-faceted district of sporting, entertainment, and retail attraction sitting alongside the growing residential communities, there are different theme parks including the Walt Disney World Resort, Sahara Kingdom, and the Aqua Dunya which is well-known for its absolute grand appearance.

This park is divided on the basis of adventurous story of Rakaan and categorized into three main islands. Each of them presents its own story and gives endless energy to enjoy the rides at its full glance. It is also a perfect utilization of Dubai's biggest resource of water as well as will be the biggest theme park in the Middle East if once totally completed.

There is also a huge cruise in the middle of the water in the aforementioned theme park. It does not only present some luxurious environment in the form of hotel with hundreds of elegant rooms but also offers exciting activities that will be carried indoor. It has a capacity to accommodate hundreds of visitors for its 36 water slides. If you are one of them, the said hotel will provide you a perfect ambiance to make your stay or trip within that Aqua Dunya memorable and happy.

Other attractions of the park are some residential apartments with luxurious theater room that can accommodate more than thousands of people and will be serving for the musical shows or various public events. If you stay there, it will be your one of the happiest moments of your life. So, just hold your breath and wait, this fantastic theme park will be opened soon.

Shopping Areas

Dubai Outlet Mall, Mall of Arabia and Dragon Mart are the shopping arcades that are located very near to Dubailand.

Schools Nearby

Repton School of Dubai, Latifa School for Girls and Rashid School for Boys are few of the known educational institutes of Dubai that are situated very near to Dubailand.

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