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About Canvas

Canvas, the first project from KOA, offers a new approach to modern living in Dubai.

Much like the city itself Canvas is a showcase in the duality of space.

The project seamlessly merges old with new, craftmanship with striking modernity and innovation in design, the natural environment with urban living, a vibrant sense of culture and energy with a tranquil living environment.

A unique community where the concepts of energy, space and substance are reimagined and the power of collaboration and the collective mind are celebrated.

Designed by T.ZED Architects, the 70 residences across 2 buildings are unlike anything available in Dubai.

41 unique layouts have each been designed with a new generation of modern residents in mind where functionality, timeless design, distinguished signature details and integrity of materials are hallmarks of the project.

Location just 20 minutes from the city in Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens its a place where one can leave the world behind and enjoy a truly immersive, one-of-a-kind experience. 

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