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About Dubai Real Estate Provident

The most popular tourist destination, Dubai is a city of wonders, a city of firsts, and a city of safety. It is a hub of business and a melting pot of cultures. Dubai is the safest place to live and attracts people from all walks of life across the globe.

Once you’ve lived in Dubai, no other place can compete with the luxury it offers its residents. You will be spoilt and pampered. There’s opulence in every corner of Dubai.

Dubai is also the perfect example of being the epitome of technological advancements in the Middle East. Dubai is set to be the first blockchain city in the world. Not just that, they also have working versions of ‘robocops’. The police force in Dubai makes use of supercars and drones. It is a smart-tech city and the residents are adept with everything being e-smart.

In terms of safety, Dubai is the safest city in the world because of its strict rules and regulations. The government of Dubai takes care of its residents and especially during the Covid-19 situation, they stepped up their game and took efficient steps in handling the situation.

One of the biggest reasons why Dubai is such an attractive hot-spot for ex-pats is the fact that it has no tax, other than VAT. It is why this is a great place to earn good money.

Another factor is the stable economy and the fact that the currency is stablised. It is pegged to the US Dollar.

When it comes to touristic attractions, no other city in the world has as many things to offer as Dubai.

  • The tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa
  • The world’s largest mall, The Dubai Mall
  • One of the biggest airports in the world
  • The largest man-made port in the world, Jebel Ali
  • The only 7-star hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab
  • The largest theme parks in the world and is estimated to be bigger than Disney parks in Florida.
  • Palm Jumeirah the first man-made palm-shaped island

The visionary leadership of Dubai’s government has led this city to become a cosmopolitan destination. Along with tourism, one of the biggest industries is the real estate industry.

Dubai is an extremely pro-business environment, perfect for businesses to take root here. It also offers multiple free zones across the city for businesses. Thus commercial properties are available in these areas.

The real estate sector in this city is a thriving industry and offers a plethora of options for investors and residents alike. In a fairly-priced market, Dubai’s developers are closely monitored and regulated by the government. Thus, making it a safe investment opportunity for everyone. The fact that ex-pats can freely own properties in their name, makes it an attractive destination to own a property.

Owning a property in Dubai is an easy process. With the right agent, you can own a property here in no time. You can choose from ready properties as well as off-plan properties. With incentives like flexible payment plans and interesting offers for buyers.

Dubai is the best place to not just holiday at, but to live and invest in! The life of luxury that this city offers is unparalleled.