How to Make Your Home Pet-friendly?

January 19, 2021

For many people, pets are much more than just animals. And they will do everything in their capacity to keep their furballs healthy and happy.

Remember that bringing a pet to your home isn’t only about feeding them or cleaning after them. Sure, these are essentials but there are many other responsibilities that come with having a pet, be it a cat, bird, dog or even fish.

Firstly, before taking in a pet, you must ensure your building allows it. Otherwise, it’s going to be a difficult situation for you. Also, you must be located in a pet-friendly area. There are many dog-friendly communities in Dubai that are not only suitable for keeping canines but other animals as well.

You must also make your home pet-friendly. And for this, we have got you covered. Here are some of the effective ways you can ensure your home is suitable for keeping pets:

Effective Ways to Make Your Home Pet-friendly

Have a Minimalist Design

We get that a minimalist design doesn’t cater to everyone. But, with pet(s) at home, having bulky furniture and huge décor items isn’t exactly practical. You must have an open-yet-cosy space where they can roam and play freely. And a minimalist design helps with just that. It is one of the most effective ways to make your home pet-friendly.


Avoid Placing Carpets and Rugs

While these items greatly impact the home décor, they do not make a suitable choice if you intend to keep pets. The reason? Most pets, particularly bunnies, cats, and dogs, shed. Also, most carpets and rugs are not that easy to clean. They can easily accumulate bacteria and dust, which not only poses health risks for your furry friends but yourself and your family as well.

If it’s absolutely necessary to have rugs and/or carpets, opt for a fabric that can be cleaned easily. The same piece of advice should be followed for upholstery. Furthermore, you can pick scratch-free materials for it as well.

Also, the colours of upholstery must be selected carefully. Avoid light colours as they are more prone to getting dirty. Choosing quality material can prove to be cost-effective as it lasts longer.

Install Screens on Your Windows

Dubai is renowned for its high-rise buildings. However, living in them with your pets poses a risk. For example, there have been cases of high-rise syndrome among cats. To prevent this from happening and for making your home pet-friendly, you can install screens on your windows. This will help to avoid an unfortunate accident.

Get Trash Cans with Lids

It’s not uncommon for pets to linger around in the kitchen area and explore their favourite part – the junk placed in the trash cans. This, however, can be quite dangerous for them since the trash can often contains pieces of indigestible items, harmful chemicals, and other such things.

Now, you can’t govern them and restrict their access to the trash can 24×7. To tackle this issue, getting trash cans with lids can prove to be useful. Since the junk remains covered, your pet won’t be able to reach it.

Get Blockades

It’s tough to keep pets, such as cats and dogs, confined to a particular place. These are adventurous and curious beings that particularly like to inspect those areas they are not supposed to. This, however, can land them in trouble.

Installing blockades in order to restrict their entry to these places, such as the laundry area, is one practical option to make your home pet-friendly. You can get different types of blockades in a range of designs and colours. Choose the ones that go with the overall theme of your home for the aesthetic effect.


Carefully Place Fragile Items

Pets aren’t very careful around things. Cats, in particular, love climbing up the cabinets. So, if you want to protect your precious belongings and fragile items, place them carefully where they cannot be accessed by pets.

Have Dedicated Feeding & Litter Areas

As stated above, feeding pets and cleaning after them is important. But if you want to create a pet-friendly place, it is recommended to have separate areas dedicated for these purposes. The feeding place should be in plain sight and easily accessible for pets. Still, it shouldn’t impact your home décor. The area underneath the cabinet is the best choice for this purpose.


On the contrary, the litter area must be away from plain sight. If you have a guest bathroom in your home, you can use it to place the litter box. Or the laundry area can be selected for this purpose as well.

There you have it! By following these tips, you will be able to make your home pet-friendly and create a safe space for your pets.

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