Seeking: A New Work/Life Balance

March 24, 2020

Hello, heroes. Today, the world has come together as one like never before. You can see every human being going through the same issues today. While the experts work on devising the best solution, all of us are at home, trying to find different ways to entertain ourselves.

We are busy finding the best apps that allow us to video call our loved ones, the apps that deliver food to us, and the ones that give us the best movies and series to binge on.

Today, as most of us are busy working from home, and making the most of the current situation, we are seeking a different work/life balance.

In a recent op-ed piece on one of the top news sources, I read about an astronaut who talks about how flying in space, completely isolated, actually helped him learn a lot more about life. Scott Kelly, who lived in the International Space Station (ISS), adapted to the isolation that comes with being an astronaut, and it has helped him gain perspective of the current scenario.

To sum it all up in one phrase, to make this phase easy for us all, we need to create a good and strict routine. We have to pace ourselves so as to not just give all our hours into work but actually make time for the other things which add value. Following are some of the advice that Scott doled out on his write up, and they resonate with today’s times.

Divide your hours between work and non-work related tasks. Stick to them, strictly.

Journal. It will help you gain perspective of this unique time in history, in retrospect. You can record about your daily tasks, change in emotional well being, and use this as a motivational outlet. According to Nasa, journaling has a very positive effect on the human psyche. Write about memories and describe your experience everyday.


Learn. Whether you always wanted to speak French or learn the guitar, today we have apps to help you with all of these. It keeps your cognitive skills active and sharp.

Set a strict time for sleeping. It boosts better cognition, mood, and interpersonal relations – all of which is essential to succeeding in a space mission as well as quarantine at home.

Try gardening. In times like this, human beings most-often crave going outside, being in the midst of nature, as did Scott, while he was in space. If you cannot go out, or do not have a backyard, you can turn to gardening. It is therapeutic, and keeps you close to nature.

Read. Get a physical book, instead of going online and getting submerged in notifications. Let it absorb you while you escape into the book’s universe.

Stay in touch with the loved ones. In today’s internet era, no one is too far away. If you are away from your family and friends, dedicate a time in your day to get in touch with them.

Work out. There are just so many apps and videos online to help you work out at home, if you don’t have access to gym equipment. HIIT, Yoga, Cardio, and more, you can do all of these from the comfort of your home. It is highly advised, as it helps keep you fit, and your brain agile.

Use credible sources. When reading or sharing news about the current situation, Scott urged everyone to rely on credible sources instead of depending on social media and whatsapp forwards. It will do more harm than good.

As we work towards reaching a good equilibrium between work and life, while staying at home, we are helping the world alleviate from the current situation. You are not alone and you are a hero. You are part of the bigger picture. As we come out of the situation in the near future, remember you contributed to the victory of the human race.

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