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Commercial Real Estate

The recent financial recession that has stuck at the world’s economies has had no or a very low impact on Dubai property market especially in terms of commercial real estate in Dubai and other emirates such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman. They are on the rise and the world’s business capital flourishes continuously.

 With the positive growth in economy and diverse businesses growth, the demand of commercial real estate in Dubai is constantly increasing. According to the report of an online searched committee the commercial properties in Dubai includes offices, labour and warehouses, commercial plots, shops, shopping centres, hospitals and clinics.

 There has also been a strong need of labour house as a large group of labourers are arriving in the city and in order to meet the accommodation need for them the demand is kept. Dubai is a rapidly growing in population area with a complex mix of people from different races and countries that live and share their lifestyle within the city. The increased population and their increasing needs have made the way for lucrative consumerism. Businesses are flourishing and there is been an increase in the rate of production thus leading the demand for bigger space that results to a heightened demand for warehouses in Dubai. This is one of the major reason why warehouses have becomes the major industrial segment of commercial real estate in Dubai and world over.

 Dubai commercial offices are also on a high demand, from downtown high rise to suburban office malls; all are looking for the huge specialty in the business sector of commercial real estate in Dubai. Factors that determine the value of an office space include location, economics, demographics, and traffic flow. Dubai presents a wide range of offices for rent and sale, ranging from big to small and from vary basic to luxurious commercial properties.

 This is very clear that Dubai commercial market will continue to remain the same in the coming years and buying, selling and renting of offices, labour houses or ware houses will be more profitable than ever before.