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Al Quoz

Al Quoz is a locality in Dubai; it is located on the Western side of the town. In North it is bordered by Al Wasl and to the West it is covered by Umm Al Sheif, Al Manara and Al Safa. Al Quoz mainly consists of residential units in the northeast and some industrial venues are built in the southwest zone of the area. Each are divided into four sub communities

The residential areas of Al Quoz are:

  • Al Quoz 1
  • Al Quoz 2
  • Al Quoz 3
  • Al Quoz 4

The areas Al Quoz 1,2 and 4 are mainly filled by Emirati families with spacious and individually designed houses. The area is conveniently located close to some popular destinations such as Safa Park and Business Bay. As for Al Quoz 3 it consist of industries.

Al Quoz industrial district is also made up of four sub communities and they are:

  • Al Quoz First Industrial Area
  • Al Quoz Second Industrial Area
  • Al Quoz Third Industrial Area
  • Al Quoz Fourth Industrial Area

The industrial areas of Al Quoz occupy the southwest area and are being developed by the Dubai Municipality. It services development projects such as Dubai Marina and the freezone in Jebel Ali. It also manages many Dubai Hotels by hosting facilities which is also known as Labour Campus which is able to serve as house for more than 2,000 labour or staff.

Al Quoz is also known for its many art galleries housed in warehouse spaces. It is also a home to many private museums and coffee shops.

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