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Al Qusais


Al Quasis is a large community located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a suburb that is situated toward the North Eastern edge of Dubai City bordering the emirate of Sharjah and also localities like Hor Al Anz and Al Twar. A popular residential suburb of Dubai that is located in the Deira area east of Dubai also it is an important settlement and cemetery Al Quasis is bustling area largely filled with Asian population. 

Al Quasis is further subdivided into residential and industrial localities and they are:

Al Quasis Residential area are further subdivided into

  • Al Quasis First
  • Al Quasis Second
  • Al Quasis Third

Al Quasis industrial area has also been subdivided into:

  • Al Quasis Industrial Area First
  • Al Quasis Industrial Area Second
  • Al Quasis Industrial Area Third
  • Al Quasis Industrial Area Fourth
  • Al Quasis Industrial Area Fifth

Al Quasis industrial area leads into the industrial area of Emirate Sharjah.

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