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Culture Village

Cultural Village is a multi-purpose development project of Dubai UAE. It is intended to be the best destination of the world that offers mixes of old world pleasure and entertainment with a touch of modern and sophisticated ambience. It is located along side the shoreline of Dubai Creek. The Dubai Cultural Village is a blend of Middle Eastern History and the ancient history of Dubai. Throughout the development the unique architecture of the Cultural Village offers unique Arabic Traditional design with a glimpse of modern techniques. This blend of new and old has made the area to be one of the most desirable residential locations of the town.

Cultural Village is projected as a superlative project as it combines traditional pleasures with new technology. The master plan is divided into residential, retail and commercial zone. It encapsulates the true spirit of Ancient Arabic architecture with the construction of its wind towers, stone walkways and traditional souks.

The commercial districts of Cultural Village house various cultural institutions and schools for arts, music, dance, pottery and other crafts where as the retail district house luxury hotel, designer boutique, restaurants, cafes, book shops, craft galleries and a traditional souk offering Arabian crafts, antiques, spices and herbs.

Dubai Cultural Village has been designed not only to appeal to locals but also leave a mark on international visitors. The exclusive development of Palazzo Versace, the Iris Asmar and D1 tower has set the property to be considered as most desirable, unique and sought residential location in Dubai.

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