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Shocked in Dubai when honest customer returns excess change

Dubai: When Filipina cashier Ms N Maglanque fell short of the day’s earnings by nearly Dh400, she thought she had little hope of getting it back, but thanks to a customer with a big heart, her fears were allayed this week.

Maglanque, 27, was on duty at an exchange bureau in Dubai Airport, when she realised at the end of her shift, her cash box was Dh390 short.

“It was around 2am. I had five customers who exchanged 100 euros that morning, which is equal to Dh390. My boss was so kind to help me trace who the customer was and we ended up with two leads,

She acted in great character

Using CCTV footage, Maglanque realised that she had mistakenly given Dh390 to a customer twice for a 100-euro bill.

Maglanque called the customer but when she couldn’t get through, her heart sank.

“I had to try and recover the money, otherwise I would have to pay for it out of my own pocket, but I only had Dh60 on me and that was not an option,” she said.

“I have experienced customers ignoring calls in similar situations. But Mr Pierre did not. It’s not every day that you meet someone like him. I wish more people would have the same big heart.