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Villa Carya

Imagine a world of your own. Paint a picture of perfection. Visualise perfect harmony. Now live them all in a place where you can truly belong. Welcome to Villa Heights, a distinctive development that offers a multi-level villa lifestyle. It is a haven where every apartment is a spatial domain that lets you experience your own world just the way you would want it to be. Villa Heights is an adorable waltz of contemporary design and classical form. It is a place where your aspirations can be realised in all its individuality. Here open spaces embrace you and serenity is your companion. You will realise the true essence of personal contentment as you discover your very own spaces and enjoy the openness that you have always sought.

Villa Heights is an epitome of the unconventional luxury. It comprises Villa Myra, Villa Pera and Villa Carya designed to complement each other and auger a new paradigm in fine living. The oneness of nature is a beautiful aspect of this unique idea, thanks to the provision of an expansive park area. The brilliance of this venture is its ability to blend the solitude of independent living with virtues of a community lifestyle.

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