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Abu Hail Deira


Abu Hail is one of the localities in Dubai, which is located in the region of Deira. The following routes are forming a periphery around the latter, including Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Al Khaleej Road, Abu Hail Road, and Al Rasheed Road.

It is mainly a place for residential properties and bordered by Al Waheda on the East, Hor Al Anz on the South, and Al Baraha on the West.

It is actually mentioned in 1830 British Survey of the Trucial Coast that it is a small village situated primarily about three miles to the Southwest of neighboring Emirate of Sharjah, on the same creek with Khan village, and on the other bank. There are jointly contain about two hundred and fifty inhabitants of various tribles. Most of them are fishermen.

If you live in this area and plan to buy or unwind, you also have an easy access to shopping mall as well as to Dubai Labor Office if you have something to process regarding with your employment or residence visa.

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