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Dubai Real Estate

Dubai real estate has been recently moved out of the 2008 bubble buster and recovering at a jet speed. While in the entire world the real estate market is still continuously facing some lumps the only market that is growing is the Dubai real estate. Along with the other emirates of UAE that is Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman; Dubai continues to grow and thrive. In case of other parts of the world such as Europe, US, Russia, China, India and Brazil the real estate prices are declining sharply and the crisis is halting at the gate of the property market.

The Real Estate sector in Dubai is booming and is been on the top priority list for the investors around of the world. The recent figures and reports shows that Dubai real estate market has managed to come out of the recession and also remain immune to the recline of the real estate market of other parts of the world. Though some uncertainty have been surrounding Dubai Market too but the with the property analyst predictions and the developers of the city not only dismal the fears but bring in some confidence in the investors to be a part of the growing of Dubai real estate Market.

It has been observed that the investors, property buyers and expat buyers are little cautious after the distorted market but they have not completely lost interest in Dubai properties. The demand of property whether it commercial or residential has been retaining in an upward trend.  Also the assurance coming from the Government which has bring in some laws in favour of the investors has maintained the stability of the market and Dubai real estate continuous to boom.

The residential real estate in Dubai whether for sale or rent includes luxurious apartments, villas and townhouses and the Commercial Real Estate in Dubai includes office complexes, towers, labour houses and warehouses. Dubai real estate for sale and for rent have attracted lots of investors even from overseas. Dubai real estate market has also been considerate for Holiday Properties such as Hotel, Resorts, Beach resorts, Villas and Condos.  In terms of Holiday Properties Dubai real estate market has numerous short and long term rental properties and Dubai is the only city in the world that has been the home for 7 star hotels along with the cluster of 5, 4 and 3 star hotels.

Keeping in mind that Dubai is one of the top choices for tourists, Dubai has clearly made way for the same. With the developments of hotels, beach resorts, villas, condos and studio apartments it has given sigh of relief in the minds of visitors be it on a holiday or business trip. Dubai has made its way in the top position in terms of tourist, business and jobs thus with the inflow of more and more expats the economy of the Dubai real estate market has shown a upward trend and has smudged the image of 2008 bubble buster.

It has been quoted by some of the best developers of Dubai properties for example Emaar Developers, Deyaar Properties, Damac Properties, Nakheel etc that the bubble buster of 2008 have given them some good learning and they have learnt from that mistake which has been also proved helpful for their future developments.

Keeping in mind the uninterrupted real estate boom of Dubai amidst the global financial crisis it has been quiet easy to map the growth with an increasing trend along with the stabilization of the global economy in the near future. It has been concluded and considered by the top investors of the world that Dubai is the most secure and lucrative place for real estate investment.