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Law for areas where non-locals can acquire properties in the Emirate of Dubai

We, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai,

After perusing Law No. (7) of 2006 concerning real estate registration in the Emirate of Dubai,

Decide to promulgate the following Regulation:

Article (1)This regulation shall be called �Regulation No. ( 3 ) of 2006 concerning the determination of areas where non-locals can acquire properties in the Emirate of Dubai�.

Article (2)In implementation of this regulation, and unless otherwise provided for in the text, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings assigned against each of them.

Ruler : H.H. The Ruler of Dubai
Department : Land Department
Real Property : Every immovable thing that cannot be moved without damage or change in its shape.

Article (3)Non-UAE Nationals may acquire freehold ownership or usufruct or leasehold for a period of not more than 99 years in respect of any plot(s) shown against each of the following areas in accordance with the plans issued by the Department and attached hereto:

1) Umm Hurair second: plot No. (013)
2) Al Barsha second south: plot No. (002)
3) Al Barsha third south: plot No. (002)
4) Emirates Hills first: Plots No (004) and (814)
5) Emirates Hills second: Plots No (001) and (049)
6) Emirates Hills third: Plot No (001)
7) Jebel Ali: Plots Nos. (051), (074), (081), (082) (083), (084), (142), (143) and (391).
8) Al Jadaf: Plort Nos. (003), (007) and (008)
9) Global Islands: Plot No. (001)
10) Ras Al Khor: Plot No. (165)
11) Al Rawiya: Plots Nos. (063)and (065)
12) Sheikh Zayed Road: Plots No. (118) and (147)
13) Safooh First: Plot No. (069)
14) Safooh Second: Plot No. (005)
15) Al Gouz Third: Plots Nos. (005) and (006)
16) Al Gouz Second Industrial: Plots Nos. (010) and (030)
17) Al Gouz Third Industrial: Plot No. (028)
18) Merdif: Plots Nos. (143)and (144)
19) Dubai Marina: Plots Nos. (007), (014), (015) and (033)
20) Palm- Jebel Ali: Plot No. (001)
21) Palm- Jumeira: Plot No. (001)
22) Nad Al Shiba: Plots Nos. (209), (215) and (222)
23) Warsan First: Plot No. (002)

Article (4)Non-locals may acquire usufruct or leasehold for a period not exceeding 99 years in Nad Al Shiba area, plot No (224) in accordance with the plan and marked with a circle.