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Residential Real Estate

Dubai residential real estate market is constantly grows to boom and property demand in residential sector is increasing at a new high level even after the bubble buster that happened few years back. It is specifically the result of the attribute to the rapid increase in population, influx of foreigners from around the world for job and living purposes and also because Dubai is the becoming one of the top destination as a tourist spot for anyone around the world.

Dubai is the city where people from all the societies live and works together and many of them are high class society members where other are middle class and lower class. Dubai residential real estate meets the accommodation and need of all standards that includes houses, apartments and villas.

Apartments in Dubai range from studio to 5 bedroom apartments with a variety of other facilities that completely depends upon the budget of the buyer or rent. All apartments are available for sell as well as for rent. The prices of the same differ from location to location and the type or size of the apartment that you are planning to buy or rent. For single expatriates in the city, studio apartments are the most preferred accommodation choice.

Another solution for single resident or visitor is apartment sharing. One can share the apartment with friends or family members or even co-worker to save good amount of money. For visitors where budget is not constraint there are some exclusive options available such as furnished and serviced apartments and grand suites in Dubai’s finest hotels.

Villas in Dubai are expensive but considered as one of the great accommodation option. In comparison with the apartments in Dubai Villas are few in number but the cost are much higher than that of an apartment house. However, the facilities and amenities offered at villas exceptional. Villas in Dubai include furnished villas, serviced villas, and holiday villas. Similar to apartments, Villas in Dubai contain different rates as per their location, size and facilities provided.

The demand of holiday properties are also on the surge because of Dubai’s rapidly growing tourist sector. These properties include holiday apartments, holiday villas, beach resorts, condos, and other such real estate for short-term rental. Long-term rental properties are also available all over the city.