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About Loai Al Fakir

Back in 2008, when I founded Provident, it was a first-of-its-kind in the real estate industry, as a successful brokerage agency. Today, it fills me with pride to say that we are now an A-Z real estate servicing agency.

We provide all-encompassing client services that are second to none. And we are pioneers in not just real estate but also work culture, diversity inclusion, as well as client servicing. Provident was created with the vision of a place where people can enjoy their job, work professionally and have a great culture. One of the most important values here in Provident is that we love to see people succeed.

Our employees are a part of the diverse Provident family which is growing every day. We are a hard-working team of problem solvers always finding the perfectly tailored solutions. We work towards setting trends and high standards in the real estate sphere of Dubai. We always prioritise our clients’ needs and always try to solve their problems; be it providing them with the best mortgage options, managing their properties, holiday homes, off-plan, resale, leasing, snagging, you name it! In terms of marketing and how we engage with clients, we are unmatched in the industry. At Provident, our clients are not just our clients. They become our friends and part of our ecosystem.

Today, our clients are our stakeholders. As a client, your journey doesn’t end with your property purchase. Rather, your journey begins with us, after your first property purchase. You are our stakeholder and your success is our success. As we say at Provident, we don't just create transactions, we build relationships!

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