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About Mahtab Forouhar

Mahtab has been living in Dubai since 2001. She completed her high school education and earned a Diploma in the UAE. She studied medicine at Azerbaijan Tibb University in Baku and Hacettepe Medical university In Ankara. After 4 years she decided to pursue a different career and returned to her parents in Dubai. She then started working as an influencer on social media in the year 2014. She then eventually started blogging luxury properties in Dubai 2020 and found her true passion for Real Estate. She loves the market and dynamism of the industry. She joined Provident in September 2021and always works towards fulfilling all the real estate needs of her clients.

She goes above and beyond to meet their requirements and guides them with expert advice that she gained with in-depth research and experience in the industry. Mahtab is a hardworking real estate professional who is always there to help you in any way she can.

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