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About Seventh Heaven

Standing out as a sparkling gem, Seventh Heaven is a sanctuary of luxury and splendor. A sense of mystery, sensuality and intimacy, where no borders lie between the residential community and the natural world. This is a place of harmony.

With all the space to breathe, Seventh Heaven is an exclusive development prides itself on its green landscapes, and freshwater lakes. One to four bedroom Sky Villas, Penthouses, Duplexes, and Garden Homes are each designed, with minute detail to continue Al Bararis intimacy with nature.

  • Freehold
  • 157 units
  • From 2000 sq ft. up to 6600 sq ft.
  • Private Pools
  • Security

The ingenious facade of cascading terraces, provide each home with its own distinctive view. The choice is splendidly yours. A terrace in the trees for nature lovers. A terrace in the sky for high flyers? Or a terrace overlooking the majestic Dubai skyline for city lovers.

Every single expression of Seventh Heaven is a consummate study in form and function. Our allegiance to the ergonomics of refined living informs each decision we make. From the aspect of an individual room to its orientation. Floor to ceiling glass walls to invite the outside in. Dancing beams of natural light. The freedom that comes with generosity of space.

Extra touches include

  • Natural ventilation
  • Green lobby

With dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows, a seamless transition is created between the elegance of your inside world and the natural beauty of the outside world.

Your inside world comprises

  • 3.2 metre high ceilings
  • Pivoting glass doors
  • Frameless glass

As with all thriving communities, a place of contemplation and relaxation is always appreciated. Seventh Heaven community has an array of amenities to enjoy.

  • Combined library and games room 343 m2
  • Gym 376 m2
  • F and B venues 396 m2
  • Lobby 210 m2
  • Total internal amenity space: 1785 m2
  • Amenity Terrace 1,202 m2
  • Outdoor infinity pool 180 m2 (27.5m x 6.5m)
  • Indoor infinity pool (14m x 5m)

If you feel like you are in a nature reserve, thats because you are. Trickling waterways run the length of nearly 20 km creating a symphony of natures serenity as it courses its way across the land.

Carry on walking through the verdant landscaped gardens, of which you will find 12. From Balinese Bliss and Ornate Islamic, to Contemporary and Natural Woodlands.

Tucked away yet perfectly accessible, stands a secret world. Unlike any other. Like a mirage in the desert. Surrounded by flourishing gardens and crystal clear waterways. This is the home of Al Barari. A reflection in the desert, of culture, history and nature.

The real beauty is that it makes you feel a million miles away, when in reality, you are within a mere 15 minutes drive from the city.

  • Burj Khalifa – 10 minutes
  • Golf Course – 03 minutes
  • Palm Jumeirah – 25 minutes
  • City Hospital – 15 minutes
  • Dubai Airport – 20 minutes
  • Dubai Marina – 20 minutes
  • Emirates Hills – 15 minutes

Facilities and Amenities

Al Barari is situated very near to The Farm restaurant and is beautifully punctuated by tranquil waterways and lush landscapes that embarks relaxation and also enjoins 430 square meter health club and spa. The facility provided at the Villas takes into consideration the needs and preference of each and every individual resident and accordingly provides relaxation areas that consist of private male and female changing rooms, private hammam treatment room, steam and sauna. The private space for amenities opens out onto an open terrace that is well surrounded by majestic landscape creating green walls for privacy.

The wide range of spa treatments can be enjoyed along with the wide variety of high quality and health organic cuisines by the guest as the Farm Restaurant is nearby. To provide a customised fitness for the individuals a gym and fitness center is also incorporated at the Al Barari community facilities.

The gym is well equipped with state of the art equipments that make the training session quiet entertaining and exciting. The facility also provides a separate room for yoga, Pilates, spinning class or any other group activity can be easily done. After an exhaustive activity the guest or the residents can have relax and refreshing time in the swimming pool which is located on the upper hill behind the gym.

A hi tech and exclusive boutique resort is also set in the landscape of the Al Barari which caters to the need of a cosmopolitan community and is combined of 6 star hotel facilities and resort villas, service apartments and private members club, spa treatments, health club, cinema/auditorium, corporate offices and retail facilities.

Shopping Areas

As everyone is well aware of the fact that Dubai has developed itself into a multi cultural international city in that Al Barari is situated in the heart of the new developed Dubai, half way between the Dubai Marina, Deira and the open desert. The nearest Shopping paradise is The Dubai Mall which is said to be the best and one of the famous shopping area of Dubai it is also a tourist attraction.

Schools Nearby

The Repton School of Dubai, Dubai American Scientific School and Our Own Indian School of Dubai are the most nearby schools from Al Barari community. They are one of the known schools in Dubai with world class education and other cultural activities.

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