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Why Snagging & Inspection with Provident?

Welcome to Provident – your premier destination for comprehensive snagging and inspection services.

At Provident we recognize the significance of ensuring your property is in excellent condition before it becomes yours. That’s why we provide comprehensive snagging and inspection services customized to meet your unique needs.

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Pre-purchase inspection

Resale inspection

Post-purchase support

11 month warranty inspection

Technical and specialized inspections

Themographic inspection

Pipeline inspection

Fire/smoke damage restoration inspection

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Start the effortless journey of listing your property with us, step by step.

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Professional Expertise

Our team consists of qualified engineers certified by InterNACHI, ensuring a high level of professionalism and expertise.

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Cutting Edge Reporting

The use of professional snagging software enables our team to provide detailed, precise documentation of findings.

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Proactive Problem Solving

By identifying potential issues early in the handover process, we help our clients avoid costly repairs and disputes in the future.

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Youssef is one of those rare truly unique humans I am so glad to have the honour to have worked with - changing the real estate game with his honesty ...more

Ana Curtis

4 months ago

Nirla was helpful kind and super speedy in getting transaction done. Didn’t even have to leave my home, it was that smooth. Very honest too. Thanks for the effort

Asad Mahmood

5 months ago

Jad Demian thanks a lot for your help through our everything you have helped me in buying several apartments and I couldn’t have done it without you! The best of the best highly recommend

Patrick Abdelsater

3 months ago

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We are proudly certified 
by InterNACHI - Provident Estate

We are proudly certified 
by InterNACHI

The premier global association for home inspection excellence, we carry the seal that sets the standard. When seeking dependable home inspection services, look for the trusted InterNACHI badge – a mark of integrity, expertise, and the highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

A snag is a small defect or a problem found in a property after construction is completed, typically manifesting as incomplete, unfinished, or damaged work. This includes chipped tiles, patched paint jobs, scratched glass, uneven terminations, missing door stoppers, screws, wall cracks, etc. While most snags are cosmetic, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) defects can seriously affect daily life, such as improper gas connections, insufficient cooling, moisture inside walls or doors, and incorrect electrical wiring.

This inspection allows homeowners to identify defects or snags in their property during the Orientation or Visit invitation by the developer, before proceeding with the key handover.

It’s crucial for receiving technical advice on the condition of the property across all aspects (cosmetics, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) to ensure the property is defect-free before taking the key handover.

The inspection encompasses every part and item of the property, including cosmetics, MEPs, sanitary ware, appliances, and furniture, as well as specific areas for villas and townhouses like the water pump room, water tank, manholes, garden area, carport, and rooftop.

The ideal timing for a snagging inspection is at the Orientation of the property before completing the handover process with the developer. 

Third-party professionals bring technical knowledge and experience, employing tools and equipment to uncover hidden defects, offering an expert opinion on the property’s condition.

The developer bears the responsibility for rectifying all identified snags and defects, allowing for a De-snag inspection before the key handover.

While timelines can vary depending on the property size and number of snags, the average rectification period is about 20 to 30 days.

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