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About Golf Homes

A haven of timeless splendour, The Golf Homes comprise an exceptional collection of 18 stately homes, as felt in the proportions and more ornate decorative features. Interiors,
subdivided into wide and private units, are cool and graceful and utilise the intricate effects of light and shadow. Other Moorish elements such as multifoil and arches are emphasised
and complemented by the traditional love of reiteration with a multiplicity of small motifs and luxuriant ornaments.

The Spanish-American architecture-styled homes are works of art and open to a wide variety of cultural influences. They display an unusual and exciting heritage combining Spanish and Moorish/Arabic features, traditionally known as the “Mozarab”, who produced some of the most refined and elegant European buildings.

Living at The Golf Homes is a classic yet artistic acknowledgment of the refined attributes of the sport of golf and the hushed splendour of the homes, designed to be an estate community for decades to come. The Golf Homes have the atmosphere of a private country home set around a fairway brimming with nature. 

At THE Golf Homes you can choose from a range of elegantly designed architectural styles to suit your specific tastes and requirements

Hacienda Homes comprise 12 rooms, 3 terraces, 2 gallerias and over 30 windows carefully set around 2 spacious living rooms and a Culture Room brimming with double-height ceilings, wooden floors and tiles - some with mosaic patterns. Large windows spill in a profusion of light while gallerias create promenade trails lined with ornate wood walls. The Hacienda Homes are extraordinary, 6,900 sq ft family and reception estates.

Castilla The 8,270 sq ft family, guests and reception estates of Castilla Homes consist of 14 rooms wrapped around a succession of terraces, a verandah and a courtyard, and a grandiose entry court with a central fresh water fountain. A Great Room and a Dining Reception Room revolve around a mosaic vestibule opening onto a lounge kitchen with its ensuite Morning Room. The “W” shape of the floor plan adds privacy to the elegant atmosphere of these homes.

Suncadia Homes are kingdoms in their own right, sprawling over two floors with a wrap-around promenade terrace capturing the stars, the moon and the sun. An Entry Tower will greet you into the magnificence of an Entry Arcade opening onto an open air courtyard. The courtyard diffuses its natural light throughout the adjacent rooms including the Grand Dining Room and the Reception and Culture Room. The kitchen comprises two ensuite areas dedicated to private parties and informal dining. The first floor features a master bedroom comprising two bathrooms, sun and star gazing decks, a spare lounge room large enough to accommodate a yoga room and a billiard lounge. The Castilla Homes are palatial 8,270 sq ft family, guest, reception and socialising estates. 

Facilities and Amenities

All the communities are designed in such a contemporary way that the accent creates harmony with its rough setting. All the villas are primed on generous plots some with golf view and some facing park. Each villa excludes a scenic beauty of natural bliss that pervades the outdoors and permeates the indoors.

Lots of effort is been taken to create an healthy environment for the residents of the Arabian Ranches, there are green areas that allows individual to enjoy a seating BBQ, picnic or simply soak themselves for the scenic beauty.

Exceptional security is provided along with privacy and exclusive combination of interior finishing with outdoor decor of heritage and modernity together both appeal and invite. All other kind of amenities is provided in the individual villa for the inhabitant to live an exceptionally peaceful and private life. Gym, Swimming Pool, Park, Children Play Area, Golf Course, Bar, Restaurant and Polo Club

Shopping Areas

One will find huge choices and wide variety of shopping, dining and entertaining option at the Arabian Ranches Dubai. The various shopping destinations that are found are:

  • Mall of Arabia
  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • Mall of Emirates
  • Dubai Outlet Mall
  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Dubai Mall

An Arabian Ranches Shopping Center is also there that gives the choice of shopping, dining as well as entertaining also. It also has 20 retail outlets that includes Le Mache some cafes that includes Costa Coffee, Burger King. It also has a nail spa and Hair Salon, Laundry, Pharmacy and a travel agency. Everything seems to be on your doorstep at your convenience and for your service

Schools Nearby

Jumeirah English Speaking School is said to be one of the most respected schools of Dubai that offers primary and secondary education which is based on the best aspect of National Curriculum of England and Wales. 

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