5 Different Ways for Decorating Your Garden

January 28, 2022

Imagine having a book from your favourite author in one hand and a cup of coffee in another while you’re relaxing on a hammock in a beautifully manicured lawn. You can certainly live this dream if you own a villa in Dubai that comes with a lawn.

Many houses and villas in Dubai feature lawns, but they are mostly plain and come without any decoration. It is up to you how you maintain and decorate it to make it a relaxing spot where you can unwind after an exhausting day. Apart from improving the look and appeal of your home, it will also enhance its overall value, enabling you to earn a high ROI when you plan to sell it.

Amazing Ideas for Decorating Your Garden

Ready to transform your lawn? Check out these amazing ideas for decorating your garden and converting it into your ‘happy place’:

1. Make Use of Garden Ornaments

Starting with the basics, garden ornaments can help a great deal in enhancing the overall look of the lawn. Furthermore, some of them can also serve dual purposes. For example, tree-hung lanterns will not only improve the aesthetics of the garden but illuminate it as well. By carefully placing them on different parts of your garden, you will be able to create a perfectly illuminated space that will draw everyone’s attention. Other than that, you can use twinkle lights as well. It will make your garden an ideal summer hangout spot.

Similarly, a hammock can be installed in your garden. It will give you a place to relax while adding to the décor of your garden.


2. Get Classy Garden Furniture

The good ol’ garden furniture never goes out of fashion. Depending on the furniture you have selected, you can create a contemporary or classic look in your lawn. The best approach when decorating your garden is to choose furniture that ties up with the overall scheme.

Also, don’t forget to get a parasol or gazebo for placing your furniture underneath. Apart from protecting your furniture from weather elements, such as rain and sunlight, it will also provide you with a nice, shaded place to sit.


3. Place Ceramic Pots

Placing ceramic pots in your garden will not only amp up the décor but provide you with a wonderful opportunity to flaunt your plants’ collection. However, the selection of the ceramic pots and their placement matters the most here.

If you want to create a modern outlook infused with freshness, choosing white pots placed on wooden stands can do the trick. You can also use them to showcase your painting skills. To add a touch of vibrancy and liveliness, you can select colourful pots with unique designs. Place them tactfully so that they can garner everyone’s attention.

4. Use an Accent Wall

It is another great idea for decorating your garden and exhibiting your gardening skills. Pick your most beautiful plants and place them artistically on the accent wall. You can also use lighting fixtures to draw everyone’s attention towards this accent wall.

The best part? You can create an accent wall on your own. There are many DIY methods you can follow to create one. However, choose the colours wisely. It should complement the overall theme you’re trying to create.


5. Add a Water Feature

Add an element of serenity and tranquillity to your garden by placing a water feature, such as a fountain or a birdbath. These features are available in a wide range of types and designs. Select the one that goes with the theme of your garden.

This can prove to be a remarkable way of decorating your garden. The sound of trickling water and chirping waters will create a pleasant ambience. However, don’t go for huge fountains as they can be tough to maintain. Rather, pick a simple and small water feature. It can be used as a charming focal point of your garden.


Decorating Your Garden – An Art That Pays

In all, a garden is a den of nature. For children, it is a field where they are able to play to their heart’s content. For adults, it is a serene sanctuary where they take a sip of coffee and appreciate nature’s beauty. Hence, it is our foremost duty to preserve this earthly treasure that speaks volumes on connecting life, growth and emotions in one frame. So, the next time you’re looking for home upgrade ideas, start with your garden. This is one investment that will certainly pay off in terms of improving the value of your property.

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