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Al Satwa


Al Satwa is a small community developed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It comprises of high density of retail outlets and private residents dwellings. It is located on the south west border of Bur Dubai and is adjacent to Sheikh Zayed Road. Originally the residents of Al Satwa were filled up with mainly Bloushi tribe but now it is packed with the expatriates of South Asia. 

Al Satwa is notable feature is the Iranian Hospital and the biggest bus terminal located. Satwa as a subject was critically acclaimed and spoken in words, photos and video by Satwa Stories directed and written by Mahmoud Kaabour and Denise Holloway of Veritas Films. The project had highlighted the hidden gems and iconic characters of the neighbourhood of Satwa in lights of its impending demolition through poetry, photography and music.

The survival of Al Satwa is considered to be bleak with the moment Jumeirah Garden City was announced. If the project goes through few portions of the community might be razed to make way for part of the new development.

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