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Dubai South

Dubai South(previously knows as Dubai World Central) is part of the ongoing planning and investment in diversification and sustainable growth of Dubai Government, which is strategically located on 140 square kilometers of land in the southern part of the Emirate near the Jbel Ali Port. This initiative of the latter capitalizes and strengthens its position as an International Trade Hub.

It is only few minutes drive from the heart of "new Dubai" with its five-star hotels, public beaches, world-class golf courses, shopping centers and a variety of high-end and affordable residential areas.

The master plan of Dubai south is comprising of the following 8 districts: Logistics, Aviation, Humanitarian, Residential, Commercial, Leisure, Exhibition, and lastly the Al Maktoum International Airport which has the first completed five planned runways and has been already in operation.

The logistics, humanitarian and aviation districts enjoy the added benefits of airside access while the exhibition district offers efficiency and cost savings due to its close proximity to the airport. Residential, commercial and leisure districts provide accommodation, office, and entertainment options for people working at Dubai World Central and businesses that require frequent travel. For the best off plan properties in Dubai South, Check out Zoom Property.

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