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Dubai Studio City


Dubai Studio City is the right combination of planned infrastructure, talented pool and the dynamic business environment that not only supports but also helps in the growth of broadcast, movies, television and music production companies of the Middle East Region. The business park offers not only free zone benefits of 100% ownership but along with it a tax free income and in addition to that it also supports networking opportunities, venue management services, industry building programmes and government services.

Dubai Studio City is spread over 22 millions square feet and it features pre built studios, sound stages, warehouses, workshops, office spaces, latest satellite communication facility, backlots and stage areas. Dubai Studio City caters to the need of the companies that offer service from the film and broadcast production. It was launched in the year 2005 by TECOM Investments against the response to the phenomenal success of the broadcast segment of Dubai Media City another development of TECOM whose growth necessitated a complete technical and community infrastructure that caters to the film, television, radio and broadcast industries.

Dubai Studio City in a short time have positioned itself as a regional destination for numerous production and broadcast companies as well as for those who have been providing wide range of support services like animation, dubbing, makeup, costume, sets design and construction, casting, telenet agencies, telecine and laboratory services. With the support of Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai Studio City assures to foster film production and lay the grounds for global studios who wish to join the pan-Arab region.

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