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Dubai Waterfront

The Dubai Waterfront is expected to be one of the largest waterfront and largest manmade development of the world. The project consists of canals and artificial islands and it will be occupying the last left off Persian Gulf coastline of Dubai, the most popular emirate of UAE. In the series of zone of Dubai Waterfront it will be a mix of commercial, residential, resort and amenity areas. The only vision of the project is to create a World Class destination for residents, visitors and businesses in the fastest growing city of the world; a world with a city.

Dubai Waterfront is located at the western shore of Dubai; it will transform an area of about 1.4 billion square feet of empty desert and sea into an international community for about 1.5 million people who can reside, work and enjoy their time there. Dubai Waterfront is majorly been developed on the last 15km of natural coastline in Dubai and will provide about 70km of coastline in complete that will also include the 23% of the Arabian Canal development.

Dubai Waterfront location ensures an easy access to almost all the part of city on the local and international scale. The main hub of the development that is along the shoreline offers wide range of residence, commercial and industrial areas along with same major tourist attraction to be at close proximity and leisure amenities. The project will be featuring a series of connected islands featuring villas and high end accommodation along with a range of affordable housing for Dubai’s working community.

Dubai Waterfront is on its way to become a sustainable landmark to be founded on resource, efficiency, social equity and economic prosperity. It will minimize the ecological impact that is been the key consideration in every decision of the city’s design, construction and operations. Energy and water conversation will also be achieved through integration of utilities in dedicated utility centres where process streams are interlinked and waste is transformed into energy to power the city. Dubai Waterfront is about to embark itself as one the major and unique development of the city Dubai.

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