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International City

International City a destination of business and cultural hub of the Middle East and surrounding regions. It is spread over 800 hectares and the unique development combines an exotic mix of commercial, residential, retail and tourism elements from different parts of the world. The name is given as it consists of variety of country specific architectural themes that adds an international essence to the project.

International City Dubai true to its name is a melting pot of the different nationalities and cultures that makes Dubai a unique, modern and cosmopolitan city. It is initiated with a vision to provide an affordable yet stylish, comfort and luxurious living experience to more than 60,000 people. International City has been successful on one parameter that is it helps in realizing the dreams of many to own a home in Dubai.

International City is country specific themed architecture for the residence, business sector and tourism attractions. It is geometrically inspired by the intricately patterned traditional carpets of the Middle East. The project offer studio, one and two bedroom apartments units. The International City will comprise of 6 major key areas and they are

  • The Central District
  • Dubai Design Centre
  • The Dragon Mart
  • The Residential District
  • The Lake and Public District
  • Forbidden City.

It will interlace various elements of different cultures in a single society. The architectural style will be inspired from Russia, Italy, Spain, England, France, Morocco, Persia, Greece and China.

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