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Jumeirah Islands

Jumeirah Islands is a well known area of Dubai where a magnificent community is spread that is surrounded by splendid waterways and blustering waterfalls. It is a cluster of small 50 islands out of which 46 are residential. All the islands and the lakes imbibed in them are manmade. There are 16 Jumeirah Islands Villas on each of the residential Islands along with that it also offers 736 furnished homes for the expats as well as locals of the area.

Jumeirah Islands has been designed by the world renowned architects and they are amongst the most popular properties of Dubai real estate. It brings together a mix of modern living and nature and is successful in creating an ideal environment which caters to all the pleasures of Dubai Living.

The Villas of Jumeirah Islands are bases on four different themes that give them unique style and architect. They are European, Mediterranean, Islamic and Oasis. The landscaping of each of the villa is done according to its theme and complements of the architect. The European style is shaped in large balconies and has the exquisite tile work which has been based on the inspiration of Renaissance era. The Villas given the theme of Islamic are styled in the traditional Islamic architecture of Morocco and Ottoman Cultures.

The Mediterranean styled villas are designed from the inspiration of the Italian and the French Rivera’s. Cypress and olive trees are planted to give a tropical feeling. The nature is given importance in the Oasis Style that is filled with lush landscape and gardens.

Along with the themed villas there are 31 mansions also constructed on the Jumeirah Islands. Tile and rock work is being used in the Villas with a slight tough of Mediterranean theme with beautiful olive trees and large terraces. The mansions are built in such a way that it gives the maximum view of the garden making the inhabitants feel that they are in one of kind in Dubai.

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