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Pearl Jumeirah


Pearl Jumeirah Island was originally part of the stage 1 plans of Meraas Development to develop Jumeirah Gardens City, a spectacular mixed community development project located between Diyafa Street and Al Safa Park in the Al Satwa precinct of Jumeirah.


This project also included a group of 7 man made islands just off the Jumeirah coastline which were planned to be predominantly residential, made up of East Bay – which has been re-designated as Pearl Jumeirah Island – and 6 other coastal islands. The islands were also planned to include hotels and resorts.

The construction of that man made 75 hectare has been undertaken by leading property developer.

This is the first island or more precisely a peninsula that shows the proposed eastern arm of the Dubai Creek extension which was planned to intersect the entire original Jumeirah Gardens project area. The islands also had the hydrological function of providing a breakwater for the new Dubai Creek extension Jumeirah outlet.

The offshore development had originally been called East Bay when the project was first launched years ago and was to be made up of high rise buildings, but will now be home to residential villas, a five star hotel and a retail area.

The development site is a reclaimed island proposed to be approximately 7,500,000 square feet. The main component of the project is a residential development with a mixture of villa plots and townhouse plots with an average area of 10,000 square feet each and approximately 315 smaller townhouse plots.

Land in this development will be sold to individual purchasers who will have the opportunity to build their dream homes. Community facilities and mixed use retail will be provided to meet the needs of the community, along with the attractively landscaped common areas.


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