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The World Islands

The World Islands is a new development done by Nakheel and it gives you the most imaginative investment towards your dreams. The World is a collection of 300 islands and they are formed in the shape continents and it is located off the coast of Dubai. It has reinvented the earth and it offers the most exclusive and ultimate privacy to its residents. It has taken over the real estate market of Dubai as a shape of new opportunity.  

It is a planned archipelago of various small islands that is to be constructed in a rough shape of a world map. It is located about 4 kilometres off the coast of Dubai. The islands of The World are composed of mainly sand dredged from Dubai’s shallow coastal waters and it is one of the several artificial islands that have been developed in Dubai. The project was originally conceived by the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and is been currently developed by Nakheel Properties another visionary project that will redefine home, holiday and investment.

This project consists of 300 small private artificial islands that are divided into four sub categories: private homes, estate homes, dream resorts and community islands. Each island ranges from 250,000 to 900,000 square feet in size and about 50 to 100 metres of water will be there between each island. A total area of 9 kilometres is covered in length and about 6 kilometres in width. The only mode of transport between and islands and to other parts of city will be marine and air transport. The closest port will be Port Rashid and it will also have proximity to the shore of Jumeirah.

The unmatched opportunities could be easily located here in The World and along with the absolute peace of mind. As on one hand the island have created privacy and exclusivity and one the other the infrastructure is designed by keeping in mind the safety and convenience of the residents, visitors and investors. The infrastructure of the island allows you to relax and leave the mainland behind.

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