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Warsan Estate

Pioneers in the heart of master planned communities Emaar have designed yet another beautiful and mesmerizing landscape Warsan Estate that is located in close proximity to Emirates Road and Mushrif Park. It is set upon an expansive area of about 3.4 million square feet and it is comfortably accommodating almost 500 Mediterranean styled family townhouses. Warsan Estate is defined as an exclusive residential community that is superbly located. It gives an easy access to most of the location of the city such as Al Awir road is directly connected to Emirates and Al Khali Road and it also links up to major destination that also includes Dubai International Airport.

At Warsan Estate one can feel the comfort and secure that is encompassed within the gated boundaries of a community that is vibrant, active and in every way complete. Been a part of the development of Warsan Estate that caters to your every whim and where you can enjoy all the splendour of the development which is situated in one of most exciting areas of Dubai. Set in within the parameters of pristine island offering a beautiful concoction of suburban life style is Warsan.

Positioned right at the heart of Al Awir road, Emaar has brought an experience to live in a quality homes to those who appreciate a harmonised living in between of a plethora of amenities that has been spaced on an expansive terrain. Beyond the gracious boundaries of the community there are numerous host of experience that are ready to impress you. At Warsan Estate you are sure to enjoy the conveniences of the city, belongingness to a community and a priceless seclusion that is yours. Within the medium sized master planned community the development will feature 550 town houses developed over an area of about 3.4 million square feet along with leisure and retail with a thought. Warsan Estate creates an environment of sheer convenience in community which is rich in lifestyle.

At Warsan Estate though been situated a bit away from the city it offers peace and quiet surrounding but still one can always warm up a quiet evening that is spent with the family or engage in a lively activities from the area around you. Warsan Estate makes the living a truly gratifying experience and fulfils the dreams of many whether it is to find a home away from the city or to discover a realm of suburban serenity. The homes are adorned with intrinsic design and it gives an escape into the world where comforts are outline well with its infrastructure and unique styling and design.

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