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Sky Tower

At the Sky Tower, residents and workers are assured of a prestigious space that sets the ultimate standards in luxury and convenience. The Sky Tower creates a new perspective on life, with spectacular panoramic views of the Gulf and Abu Dhabi Island. This striking 74-storey elliptical edifice combines residential and commercial space assembled vertically around a central core.

Clean modern lines and quality finishes define the interior spaces, while state-of-the-art amenities underwrite the lifestyle offering. Residents and workers are assured of a space that sets the ultimate standards in luxury and convenience.

The design of The Sky Tower is not only visually appealing, but it also incorporates technological features that set it apart from conventional structures.

The Sky Tower utilizes a range of innovative energy conservation and user-friendly features. In addition to achieving higher standards in energy and water efficiency, the building will have a superior indoor environmental quality which in similar buildings in the US is leading to increased staff satisfaction and productivity.


The Residences

Residential layouts thoughtfully combine functionality with aesthetics, creating a flow of living space that features the highest-quality materials, fittings and furnishings. A spacious master bedroom – with a walk-in closet, en-suite bathroom, and a dining area with a breakfast nook, backed by the maids quarters. The dining room and living space are carefully proportional with the size of the entire unit, always creating a huge impact through clever design combined with floor to ceiling windows to ensure awe-inspiring views.

Residential Amenities

Residential amenities are conveniently located atop the retail and garage podium, a lush and welcome haven from the sun. This sanctuary of calm and beauty – bigger than a full-size football pitch – is divided into user-specific sport activities, with leisure areas stretching over a wide panorama of the sea. A grove of shade trees form a canopy leading to the recreational amenities, whereas a flowing covered pathway and planting-bed link the two towers. Providing a privacy shield between the pool deck and the sporting courts, and serving as a backdrop for the cabanas.

Office Space

Luxury workspace means high ratio floor to ceiling glass windows, curving facades with panoramic views, and state-of-the-art technology. A lower level registration lobby greets the visitor, rising via escalators to a second-floor elevator lobby opening on to water views. Rich materials are used artistically throughout to convey superior levels of elegance and urban sophistication.


Centered on an atrium linked internally to the level 1 lobby and to the street, ground level shops and restaurants face the surrounding boulevards and the interior spaces. There is plenty of spill over space for al fresco dining on the broad tree-lined sidewalks or in the ample air-conditioned atrium.

High-class retail standards deliver a merchandising mix in keeping with the premium quality of the office and residential environment. The shopping and entertainment district includes hair and beauty salons, news and bookshop, gourmet food market, pharmacy, bakery, dry cleaner, real estate agent, travel agent, coffee and teahouse, restaurants and cafes. All of your essential needs are just an elevator ride away from your home.

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