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Al Furjan Al Furjan


Al Furjan Properties is conveniently close to Ibn Battuta Mall and Discovery Gardens, or with easy access back towards the Dubai Marina and other nearby prominent developments. It comprises of four specific villages such as North, South, East, and West. Each of them has its own distinct characteristics that compliment the other as well as create a balanced variety of experiences. It is conveniently close to both Ibn Battuta Mall and Discovery Gardens, with easy access back towards Dubai Marina and the central core of Dubai.

There will be thousands of properties including apartments, villas, hotels, offices, and mixed-use plots. All of them have been planned to satisfy every modern need and practical comforts of you as end-users and property investors.

With regards to villas, they are built in small clusters connected by a series of walkways and community parks. Most of them have a private garden with low-level fencing so as to breath the fresh air.

If totally completed, there is also a Village Center from which you will be able to find grocery stores, restaurants and boutiques as well as two schools and outdoor spaces including sports facilities, pools, and cycling trails. 

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