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Dubai Style Al Furjan



Al Furjan is a contemporary and family-focused community development that embodies the principles of traditional neighborhood living by combining spacious villas and townhouses with large open spaces or extensive sporting and communal amenities. It is primarily located opposite of Discovery Gardens and having easy access to Emirates Road.


There are three types of villas in the project, including Al Hejaz Style, Dubai Style, and Quortaj Style. This project was designed to let you, as residents, feel a serene community as well as experience of living like a family rather than neighbors with a shared sense of responsibility and reliance on one another.

Dubai Style reflects beloved local architecture which has been designed to suit the regional climate. Each of the villas offers the following: striking traditional exterior and a modern, updated interior floor plan, detailed gates, doors, latticework, and balustrades whichg are hallmarks of this well known style; as well as the Wind towers, a functional element from the early twentieth century, are a signature aesthetic feature of this villa Style. Traditionally, each tower has four open sides that deflected wind downward, cooling the rooms below.

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