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Resortz Arjan

Breaking from the norms of standard architecture, Resortz brings back the neoclassical era in its purest form, a style principally derived from the architecture of classical antiquity and the vitruvian principles. In its form the architecture emphasizes on the wall by following a two tone color concept and maintains a separate identities to each of its parts. Spread over 4 acres of land Resortz spreads over 3 blocks the project offers Studios) One Bedrooms) Two Bedrooms) Three Bedrooms and Retail Units with 34% of the plot area used for beautiful landscaping. A beautiful Dome in the central block reminds you of the Duomo in Florence. Fine detailed Column stands tall throughout the facade of the buildings adding to its grandeur. The 3 blocks come together to form a boundary for a beautiful landscape and swimming pool. 

Modular kitchen that comes with spectrum of colors, extraordinary finishes and evocative designs and patterns.

Bathroom comes with exquisite spanish tiles, impeccable Italian finish and luxurios fittings from Milano.

The residences are conveniently located close to Miracle Garden. In short, live the urban life in a resort setting. 

Payment Plan:
%                           PAYMENT MILESTONE
10%                      Upon Booking (Immediate)
5%                         60 Days from Booking Date
5%                         120 Days from Booking Date
1%                         5th of each Calendar Month
Handover              April 2019 

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