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Sandi King Tower 2 Awali City

Sandi King Tower 2 is set in prime position in Awali City, just off the Emirates Road, only 25mins away from Dubai, Sandi King Tower is being developed in Ajman where Property prices have shot up since the announcement of plans to build an International Airport in this Emirate, and property prices are predicted to continue to increase substantially, real estate officials have said, as Ajman property is currently 80% lower in price than neighbouring Dubai property.

Ajman is one of the seven emirates (sovereign states) that make up the United Arab Emirates (the UAE). Ajman is the smallest of the emirates with an area of only 260 square kilometres. Ajman was the third of the emirates of the UAE to allow foreign Freehold Ownership of Property which has resulted in huge numbers of investors, both foreign and local.

Of all the current developments in Ajman, primary among them is an area known as New Ajman, an area of land along the Emirates Road. This area will contain many new developments and projects which have been envisioned by the ruler of the emirate Sheikh Rashid Al Nuaimi.

The New Ajman area and Ajman city is centrally located in the heart of the UAE, it is only a 25 minute drive to Dubai and Ajman’s International Airport.


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