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Nadra Tower Business Bay

Nadra means ‘rare’ in Arabic and the typical building has been design particularly  to reflect this descriptive. Absolutely an eyebrow raising design by P&T architecture and engineers from HongKong, the Nadra Tower stands 30 floors above the ground in geometrically places cubes that have been rotated as the building rises. Nadra – its stands out as the chosen one.

The Nadra Tower will incorporate the premium building materials to provide quality office space that last. The rotated cubes provide different views from different heights within the building, overlooking the sparkling water of the Creek extension, the skyline of Dubai, or the greenery of the large adjacent public park. Once having experienced the whimsy of the exterior, the building interiors and creative landscaping continue to surprise and appeal.

Predicting the requirement of parking in Dubai, the Nadra Tower will provide over 900 parking spaces on two basement levels and five above ground parking floors.

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