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Rawasi Tower Business Bay

Rawasi Tower is located at Business Bay. The name of it derives from the Arabic firm and very tall mountains, a pillar of rock emerging from the ground in its broad base and unique sculpural structure pointing to the sky. The 765,000 square foot office building be seated at the main entrance of Business Bay overlooking the large reflecting pool and the conventional Dancing Towers building.

The combination of radical design, modern and resourceful materials and tactically use of space presents the Rawasi Tower a strong sense of power and natural presicion. This strength represents the nature of the business and successful appearance that will be seen throughout Business Bay.

The tower is having four basement of parking under a ground floor and mezzanine retail space, three floors of podium parking and 31 floors of modern state-of art office space. The offices are completely finished with raised flooring, full decoration and will have access to all the necessary amenities that the contemporary working environment demands.

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