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Singapore Tower Business Bay

Singapore tower is a unique materialization of Singaporean uniqueness within Arabic context. The design is mainly a glass volume within a pattern box. The latter a nod toward traditional Arabic architecture, Vines dramatically cascade down the entire north façade, referencing Singapore’s famously verdant u urban environment. This garden façade reaches the lobby by slicing the podium, itself covered in an elegant metal skin screened with image of Singapore orchids.

The tower features retail space on the first floor, a Singaporean-style dealer centre on the second floor, and the full featured health club on the sixth floor.

Providing a various and nice work environment, the top floor features services offices and an expensive roof garden inside a luminous glass crown.

The well-designed, multi-layered tower promises to be characteristic within Dubai, development and admirable representative of the Republic of Singapore.

The character of the pattern contrast according to the program it encloses. The cells of the pattern on the remaining three façade hold either copper strips, glass, or nothing, depending on weather the lattice face office space, garden space, or the building’s crown.
The entire north façade is covered in a cascade of vines, indications Singapore’s famous greenery. Vines grow down from planter boxes located approximately at each floor; the vine themselves are an especially tough and impressive species, lpomea pes capris (“beach morning glory”).

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