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Starhill Towers and Gallery Business Bay

The modern freehold offices at Starhill Towers & Gallery are built to meet the business needs of future Dubai. The office tower is designed to provide maximum view of the serene water body and surrounding landscape. The Starhill Gallery is a treasure house of exclusive experiences. The first-of-its-kind to be introduced in Dubai, Starhill Gallery will offer a bouquet of premium fashion, beauty, art and fine dining.

Located in the expansive Business Bay at downtown Dubai, Starhill Towers & Gallery is an unrivalled commercial development of two business towers that offer more than freehold offices. It is a creative combination of sense and sensibility where stunning business facilities compliment innumerable leisure offerings. Anything you need can be availed of within this real estate development.

The freehold project integrates the spacious and luxurious Starhill Gallery aside from the two office buildings, which is set to be the first outlet of the iconic shopping mall outside Malaysia. The Gallery in Dubai will accommodate a leading 5-star hotel along with a range of premium dining and relaxation options that are the same with corporate sophistication.

The first commercial project of its kind to be introduced in Dubai, Starhill Towers & Gallery guarantees the buyer a multitude of unusual experiences that are themed into four unique categories – ‘Feast’, a string of international themed restaurants dishing out an exciting array of culinary delights; ‘Indulge’, an exclusive global luxury fashion and jewelry brand; ‘Pamper’, an oasis of wellness and beauty services and lastly, ‘Muse’, a cultural sanctuary of fine arts, photography, sculpture and antiques.

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