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The Gemini Business Bay

The Gemini is located at one of Business Bays main entrances and is designed to become a landmark icon, natural convergence point and an ultimate strategic crossroad junction.

The wonderful structure and design of this extraordinary commercial building remains unique and well-known in comparison to other towers in this district.

The Gemini, benefits from the luxury of many open spaces and picturesque panoramic views. The actual design of this building have an imposing structure of mass black blocks all under cut with a meander of white glass and aluminium design cues, a theme which is continued throughout the interior and exterior construction. The Gemini consists of well-organized office units all comprising of state of the art technology to optimise manpower and minimise waste.

This 100% FREEHOLD complex features 2 adjacent frontages with separate entrances giving access to the same interior.

The ‘OYSTER’ concept of office usage is embraced – ‘offices yielding superior targets through effectiveness and relaxation.

This design promotes self sufficient office building introducing innovative and modern facilities and technologies to encourage increased personal efficiency, productivity and creativity.

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