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The Pad Business Bay


The Pad presents an entirely new approach in design and construction that empowers the building with a combined of technology, architecture and interior design. It is a 7-degree angle and overlooking the waterway at Dubai Creek, The Pad is an amazing feat of engineering and design; its exterior is a truly unique proposition. Magnificent convention from its very inception. The Pad embodies 21st century living, through its inventive use of technology and design, and offers its residents the best of suitable, safe, entertaining, trendy and healthy living spaces. The Pad is sure to turn heads as its unique tilt and illuminated façade create a spectacular vision.

The Pad is associated with cool living accommodation that seamlessly interacts with contemporary technology. The 24 floor building this real estate development comprises 231 apartments ranging between studios, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in a variety of sizes. Every apartment has its own cybertecture that has many technologically advanced features to provide a unique experience – everything from communications, entertainment, health and shopping would be covered by the cybertecture. Each of this building’s 24 floors enjoys intelligent interior design, open spaces and panoramic views.

The interiors of The Pad have been well designed with extra storage capacity in designated rooms on every floor, and will be fitted with high quality fittings and appliances specially chosen and designed for the project. The Pad combines a multitude of technologies to expand the boundaries of your home, with the help of numerous iFeatures related to entertainment, communication and much more.

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