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Time Residences City of Arabia

Time Residences is located at City of Arabia. It is well-designed to be a "time less and prestigious" development. It is designed to offer the harmony and the body a real living pleasure.

The total of 70-80,000 ton monumental building is designed to turn with the power of the sun. Awake one day to see wonderful lake views and another day to see beautiful landscapes and the worlds biggest shopping mall.

This Building offers a “New Dimension to Living” , views appear at a pace to gradual to be felt on the consciousness and set in time. Everyday the building accurately moves 51.43 degrees, or 0.63metres in one hour.

The time line that runs down the building locks into 12 oclock noon markings on the podium and ground. Making this the most expensive Time piece in the world.

Time Residences when finished will be the most outstanding masterpiece, developed with passion, designed by a team of international experts to “last the test of time”, it is this quality, location, international brand positioning, and attention to detail that makes these apartments precious. Not only will the present owners enjoy this exclusive living address, but the generations to follow will want to retain these apartments because of their historical value.


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