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Iris Amber Culture Village


Iris Amber is primarily located within the Culture Village that will bear out all the rich associations with artistry, culture, color and light that its name suggests. Arabesque style and quality will make it the architectural equivalent of a well crafted item of Arabian jewellery, or a finely cut piece of amber.

This project will be a picture of inspiration with great environment which only enhances its value as well as with its artful array of studio, one and two bedroom apartments. It will also appeal to young and socially engaged denizens of Culture Village.

The following highlights of the building are as follows:

Traditional Arabesque details including wind towers and domes
Private balconies and outdoor living spaces
Fragrant Arabian style gardens
Rooftop swimming pools
Spacious studio, one and two bedroom apartment layouts
Convenient access to the Garhoud and Business Bay bridges
Close proximity to the future Dubai Metro line

About the Culture Village

Iris Amber’s location in Culture Village will lend the building all of the considerable advantages of this unique development, including:

Traditional wind towers
Streets ornamented with unique sculptures and murals
Romantic bridge-covered waterways
A huge amphitheatre playing host to live performances and cultural festivals
An impressive public library
A grand exhibition hall and museum
Design, architectural and fashion institutes
Academies for art, music, dance, pottery and other crafts
A traditional souk, offering Arabian antiques, spices, and herbs
Boutique-style restaurants and coffee shops
Art and craft galleries
Built on the location of Dubai Creek’s ancient dhow building will be on display. The choice of setting pays tribute to the fact that the creek has been integral to Dubai’s historical development, not only as a commercial lifeline but as the source of its cultural heritage.


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