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Naif Deira


Naif is one of the old localities in Dubai. It is also considered both a commercial and residential area because there are a lot of low rise buildings, retail shops, and old villas. It has the second highest population density of all communities in the Emirate of Dubai.

It is primarily located within the district of Deira in which most of the souks are located therein. Naif Souk is a famous for its souvenirs, leather, textiles, and replicated things. It has two floors, downstairs that you can find around 111 shops as well as 107 stores upstairs. It also accommodates a couple of local municipality offices and a 99 post underground garage as well.

Souks are still making the central part of any Arabic and Islamic town all around the world and tourists love visiting them because of the great variety of handmade goods and everything what you would like to buy.

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