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Armani Residence Downtown Dubai

Burj Khalifa Tower has been confirmed as the home to Armani Residences in the Emirate. Armani Residences, a luxury collection of 144 private residences was designed by Giorgio Armani himself, one of the leading fashion icons in the world.

Located on levels 9 to 16 of Burj Dubai, the Armani Residences complement the Armani Hotel Dubai which is also situated in the above mentioned stunning tower. Several Armani Hotels and Armani Residences are being planned in the world’s most prominent international cities.

This luxury residence will complement the new Armani Hotel Dubai, consisting of 160 rooms that offer the ultimate in luxury and hospitality, in addition to the fine views provided from its location in this iconic tower.

Armani Hotel Dubai will certainly be a great addition to hospitality industry in Dubai, as well as complimenting what is already the great success of tourism industry in the Emirate. Dubai hotels have left prints on history with regards to their uniquely designed structures that have become iconic land marks against the Dubai skyline, and their reputations for their high quality of services making them leaders in the hospitality industry not only in the Middle East region but throughout the world as well

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