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Schon Business Park Dubai Investment Park

Schon Business Park has been developed to provide end-users with a greater flexibility and choice that can be offered to a business with a variety of commercial spaces that can meet the needs and requirements of any business. It includes a mixture of shell and core space, and a professionally managed business centre, catering to the needs of all kinds of companies, from a start-up to an established corporation.

Schon Business Park includes of 3 buildings consisting 410 offices with a capacity to accommodate 4,000 employees. The ground floor consists of furnished offices and 80,000 square feet of retail area, catering to a population of 60,000. The structured revolutionary design maximizes the flow of natural light with floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive views. The three other levels of the park are split between shell and core space, and an operator-managed business centre, which includes facilities such as executive board rooms and video conferencing.

Perfect both as investment, whereby space can be obtained and then leased for businesses who want to own their own premises, Schon Business Park offers complete flexibility, competitive prices and state of the art facilities and amenities.

Facilities and amenities

  • The 30-kilometre long network of electricity and potable water in place at the park caters to the requirements of each tenant at the Park
  • Focus on manufacturing, high technology and environment
  • Competitive prices with no hidden charges
  • Flexible to investor needs and requirements on plot size
  • Quality controls
  • Diversification to create infrastructure suitable to attract high industries World-class residential facilities
  • Complete infrastructure including state-of-the-art telecommunications system
  • Schools and higher education institutes
  • Sports club, fire and police departments, healthcare centre, postal, banking and insurance services
  • IT support and major shopping facilities
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