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Yacht Bay Dubai Marina


It is very difficult to beat sailing in the Gulf with its warm offshore breezes and stunning turquoise waters, the endless miles of safe, scenic coastline and abundance of tropical marine life. Traditionally, most sailing has been done by the graceful Arabic Dhows. But these days a faster, more modern, more international marina culture has come in. Dubai Marina is at the core of this and Yacht Bay offers the quintessential yachting lifestyle.

With 174 beautiful apartments with amazing views of Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Yacht Bay combines a lifestyle that revolves around a passion for the open sea with a convivial community where your neighbors would not be strangers at all. It is a close knit sailing community where great friends share their dreams, and converse to the tapping of rope against the mast.

Furthermore, Yacht Bay is part of the over all Dubai Marina development. There is a bustling, urban waterfront just across the way.

It is indeed located within walking distance to some of finest 5 star hotels in Dubai.

For the passionate sailor or simply those who love the yachting lifestyle, Yacht Bay is the ultimate quayside address.

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