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Dubai Studio City Dubai Studio City


Dubai Studio City ( DSC ) is a master development which was successfully launched in the month of February 2005 as a positive response to the phenomenal success of the broadcasting segment in Dubai Media City ( DMC ). It has a total of 22 million square feet that offers a right combination of planned infrastructure, talent pool, and the dynamic business environment to continuously support the growth of movie, broadcasting, television, and music production companies not only in Dubai but throughout the Middle East region.

In addition, the development has already become a regional destination for all production and broadcasting companies, and offers a wide range of support services such as providers of animation, dubbing, make up, costume design, set design and construction, casting, telnet agencies, telecine, and laboratory facilities.

Then Dubai Studio City provides all potential and existing companies which are offering services from the film and broadcast production a value chain including the production and post production facilities; recording studios; and ancillary services.

Lastly it has the following features: pre built studios, sound stages, warehouses, workshops, commercial space, modern satellite communication facilities, and stage area.

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