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Manara 7 Dubai Waterfront


Manara comprises of 7 mixed use buildings in Badrah, a residential district which is primarily positioned in the Eastern corner of Dubai Waterfront. Manara 7 is the last one of those buildings. 

As gateway to the latter, Badrah aims to meet every need of your family and offers you affordable housing options as well.

This is also made up of four districts offering a mixture of residences, offices, educational and civic amenities, retail and leisure elements. There will be thousands of properties which are blended with modern modular forms as well as with traditional Arabic design.

Each of the areas is dedicated to a different aspect of everyday life. They are as follows: Bahaa for leisure, Manara for education, Talla for work, Diaa for living. However they are not independent of each other because Manara has been designed to be a completely integrated community.

Lastly, Badrah mainly comprises of med rise buildings which are positioned close together, giving as much shade as possible, making each area comfortable and welcoming neighborhood.

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