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Veneto Dubai Waterfront

Veneto is located in Dubai Waterfront, Jebel Ali. It is residential and commercial development. It is a 2 million sq. m. development that includes 2,613 residential units, office space, retail outlets and dining facilities. When completed, it will be 13,900 residents accomodated.

The project is 3.3 million sq.m community development that comprises four districts; the Boulevard, Madinat Al Soor, the Resort and the Marina.


To enhance the habitably and beauty of the district, Veneto is planned as a sequence of neighborhoods that centered around a piazza. These piazzas are community gathering places with cafes, restaurants and shops to suits the residents daily needs. As the central point of each neighborhood. The piazzas add convenience to daily life in Veneto as creating an  interactive environment for residents to engage with each other.

Commercial Space

Veneto located in and around the neighborhood piazzas. It is a mixed-use district with commercial office spaces. These commercial spaces permits residents to live and work in close proximity, minimizing carbon footprint and affording more family time.


Community parks are located right through the Veneto just 5-minutes walk from any home for informal recreation. It includes a variety providing a choice of environments for residents of different ages and unreliable recrecational preferences.

The Palm Cove Canal

The Palm Cove Canal make residents direct access to the Arabian Gulf and beyond. The Canal branches off at several locations within the district to make its way across the community. These serve as well-located for ferry stops and water taxi pick up and drop off points, also as enjoyable places to relax by the waters edge. Right from the start, the Canals scenic banks are boardwalks which are perfect for taking in the view or  walking. The Palm Cove Canal enhances the sophisticated look and feel of Veneto together with the parks and other green spaces.


Venetos view streets and lanes are purposely designed for walking. By the location of garages in the back of many villas, as well as by extensive boardwalks along the Palm Cove Canal and other waterways, the steetscapes are being enhanced. These allow for long expanses of landscaped and shaded footpaths that are ideal for a stroll, a bicycle ride or a walk to the beach. Offering a perfect place for childrens playing area and for adults to sit back and relax, tree-lined paths were also interconnect with green space.

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